Monday, October 27, 2008

Family update....

Well as you can see i haven't updated in quit sometime. This post will be boring with no pictures, but ill try and sum up our past month for you all. We have been pretty busy.
First of all Sadie turned 4! We just had a family "PRINCESS PARTY" for her on her birthday. She got too spoiled with too many barbies and she loves them all. She is in love with Barbie and the Diamond Castle. So she got everything diamond castle. I'll show you pictures asap!
One day after Sadie's bday, Caleb and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary, we went to a matinee(which we have never done before, seems kinda strange but Caleb is always working, so we thought it was pretty cool) , then we went to my fav place, Tepanyaki. Finally we stayed over night at Little America, had the most amazing chocolate covered strawberries i have ever had, so we ordered room service and got some more chocolate strawberries. Well lets just say $20.00 later I got some chocolate covered strawberries, well worth it but alittle pricey.
Next we bought a house! WE ARE HOME OWNERS!!!! I thought this day would never come. But it did and we are still alive....i think! I have the most amazing friends and family that helped with moving and my mom watching the girls, and Amanda cleaning my new house which was the worst job ever, but i love her for it.(i hate deep cleaning) we are still living out of boxes, hopefully that will end soon. We love our new house and it is much bigger than our little farm rental. And the girls love having their own room and a playroom with all of their toys. I cant wait to furnish and decorate it when we have alittle extra money, which will happen one room at a time( im ok with that) so for now its a little empty. I will also show you pictures of the new house asap! Well thats about all, I will post pictures soon!
And on top of the moving in to our new house, I managed to go deer hunting and got myself a pretty nice 2 point. Ok so i passed up the hugest buck ever, but I was too scared and couldn't find it in my scope when it came time to shoot it, so I settled for the 2 point. Enjoy!