Thursday, May 29, 2008

A much needed update....

I'm alive......My life has been a little crazy lately and blogging hasn't been the first thing on my mind as you can tell. Between Chloe being horribly sick and getting her adenoids removed and recovering from that ordeal, myself passing more kidney stones and going on 3 weeks of having a dang cold including my ears being plugged for a week now, it's extremely annoying and just the everyday drama that goes along with having 2 crazy little girls.
Anyhow yesterday we had an amazing day. Caleb took the day off(much needed) to go to the zoo with us girls. The girls had so much fun! Chloes favorites were the monkeys andthe bears Sadie loved the giraffes and elephants. They both loved the little train ride we took at the end of the day. We ate lunch and then came home and played outside with our cute puppies and just had a fun relaxing day! This may seem like a normal day for some of you but this doesn't happen very often...Caleb is so busy with work and school that this was super fun for us. Here are some pictures of our fun day at the zoo!

Okay these weren't at the zoo, these are our puppies...aren't they cute!

We got so close....Sadie loved it!

Look at this cute baby giraffe bending down to get some yummy grass