Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This picture is right as I walked in the room, you can see alittle smile on her face....little stinker!


Chloe just got done eating dinner. She ate 1 muffin, 1 whole scambled egg, a fruit cup and some apple juice. Doesn't that seem like plenty for an 11 month old? Well I guess not! I was starting a movie for Sadie in my room and in the mean time Chloe bear crawled over to our coffee table, pulled down Sadie's plate that had a muffin on it and shoved it into her mouth. The WHOLE thing, just as I walked into the room. I guess she still wanted another muffin. FYI Chloe doesn't crawl, but I guess if you bribe her with the right thing she will do anything to get to it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

At the Cabin

We went on a little vacation to Bear Lake a week ago to go snowmobiling.(I'm a little slow at posting things) It was alot of fun. Sadie is at the perfect age and has so much fun playing in the snow and sleding. She isn't into the snowmobiles yet...she is a scardy cat like her mom. Chloe spent most of the time in the cabin(she doesn't enjoy the snow as much as her big sis) She did however have her first snowmobile ride and loved it. We had to snowmobile to the cabin this year, so we got all bundle up and I put Chloe in the middle of me and her daddy and she loved it! I tried to keep her face from the wind but she wouldn't let me she wanted to look out and see what was going on. We all had so much fun! Here are some pictures. Sadie posing on her snowmobile sled
Sadie swinging on the swing
Our snow family. Dad, Chloe, Sadie and Me( I have big boobies can you see them?)
Chloe in her hat

Sadie and Caleb sledding down the hill, it's pretty funny!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Purse Tag....

Ok so luckily my purse was cleanned out recently. But I do have a barbie and a barbie comb(atleast she is dressed this time....last time I had Ken and a barbie and they were both naked.) I was at the salon and Kelsey saw in my purse and thought it was hilarious that I had barbies, naked barbies in my purse. I have some tylenol, gum, my fav lip gloss from bare's awesome I love it! Ive got some fruit snack and kix for my girls, some reciepts, my wallet, some body spray and a peekaboo bag for Chloe. That is about it......sorry pretty boring!
I am going to purse tag....Maresa, Keely, Tai, Ash, and Teresa


I entered CHLOE into an online baby contest at my favorite store Sassybabies. She made it into the top ten, so now they turn it to the public to ask what baby you all think is the cutest. She needs all your votes, so go and vote for CHLOE!!! Isn't she adorable..........

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Congrats, Ashley and Tyler

Caleb and I before we went to the temple

Caleb's cousin Ashley and her husband Tyler Reeder were able to get sealed as a family with their little girl Chloee on Saturday. It was an awesome experience having Chloee get sealed to her parents she looked so adorable. Congrats you guys!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I tried.....

See this is what happens when I attempt to take some snapshots....Sadie looks like a goofball, oh well.... thats my girl!!!


I am so terrible at blogging. But here is my attempt to take some pictures of the girls...didn't turn out so well, but here ya go!