Tuesday, March 18, 2008

HOLY COW....Can you believe Chloe is 1!

This is what our yard looks like currently....yes under water.
Chloe having a jeep ride. Sadie is trying to put it in reverse.

Caleb and Chloe
It's legal, she can ride forward facing. She has been 20 lbs since she was 7 months old, we just had to wait til she turned 1.
Chloe eating her cupcake, and she ate the whole thing!
Chloe opening her gifts...she loves this duck, it sings and dances. Thanks Great Grandma and Grandpa Hamilton.
Sadie and Chloe riding in her jeep she got for Christmas.
They had so much fun riding in the puddles. The story of my life at our house. SISTERS...aren't they stinkin cute???
Here's cupcakes I made...this is really good for me im not such a good baker.
Sadie helping me put sprinkles on the cupcakes
Me and my girls...Chloe looks kinda scary... but oh well Chloe blowing out her candles at my parents house.
Sorry my pictures are random, I tried to do all birthday ones and then saw the pictures of them riding in the jeep so I thought I would share them too.

Ok so Chloe turned 1 years old um....on the 10th, over a week ago. I am so late posting because I was passing a kidney stone. For 8 days...yes 8 days, I thought I was going to die, from either the drugs or the pain, i'm not for sure!
So anyhow, we just had a little family birthday party for her on Sunday at my moms. I had a few games to play for her little nieces and nephew and cute little party favors. The little kids seemed to have fun! Chloe seems so much younger than Sadie did at the age of 1. I remember at Sadie's birthday party you would ask how old she was and she would hold up one finger and say 1. She was so excited to open her presents and her reaction was oh so fun. She would tell everyone thank you after she opened their present. Chloe is so different, she is content just taking her time at everything, she just started crawling a few weeks before her birthday, she loves to drag her silky blanket everywhere and says dada non stop. She is my beautiful little girl. Here are a few pictures..... Happy Birthday Chloe!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Randam Questions

FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES ... I won't lie...I love a pair of cute tennis shoes, but I don't wear them often I usually wear some sort of heel to make my bum and legs look skinner.

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION ... My usual...get skinny, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it!


IF YOU HAD $200 TO SPEND ON YOURSELF WHAT WOULD IT BUY ... Someone to come deep clean my house and definately a day at the spa!!!!

RANDOM THOUGHT ... I need a break from being a mommy...just for a day or even a few hours.

FAVORITE PLACE TO GO IN THE CITY YOU LIVE IN ... Walmart...I live in Brigham where else can I go!

THE BOOK YOU ARE READING ... I'm currently reading The Eclipse. Yes I am reading....I hate to read but these books are so dang good!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Disney On Ice

We went to Disney on Ice and Sadie LOVED it! She was seriously in heaven, she had this dreamy look on her face the whole show, it was hilarious! I tried to take pictures with my piece of crap this is what you get...not so good! But we had a blast! Sadie Bean and her daddy
This is her dreamy look she had on her face!

All the Princess dancing
Another one of her dreamy"im in heaven looks"
Our family minus Chloe(she stayed with her nana and papa)
Sadie and I
Sadie clapping

Grand Finale

There is that dreamy look again.... Just got through eating $10.00 cotton candy and licking her lips
There is that yummy cotton candy...she ate the whole bag herself...not really but she would of if I would let her.