Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bear Lake and the Fair

Papa and Chloe(she loves her papa!)
Chloe playing in the gross, foaming, old water
Chloe pulling me

I love this of Sadie in her cowgirl boots and the fair in the background
Isn't she stink'n cute!

Chloe and Papa riding the Merry Go Round(I would have puked going at this ride)
Sadie and Chance
Sadie waving everytime she came around

Chloe and Amanda eating a carmel good! She loved it!

Its been so crazy lately with so much fun stuff going on. Of course we went to the County Fair for alittle fun:) Sadie and Chloe loved the rides and animals and of course cotton candy and carmeled apples. We also went to Bear Lake with Nana and Papa, Jessica and Clint and Tyler for a short little family vaca. The girls loved the beach and could have stayed there all day! Sadie loves loves loves preschool. I asked her if she has any friends and she told me "no, cause she is too shy and doesn't talk to anyone" poor girl! Her teacher says she just plays with the barbies during playtime. Of course she does thats what she does at our house too! Chloe is getting so fun everyday and she loves having a few hours with just mom while Sadie is at school. We are loving our life!!!!!


Tanya said...

Darling girls! It was so fun to see you at the fair, even if my Maci looked like they had been playin' in the dirt--which she had been! Looks like you had a great trip to Bear Lake! FUN!

Jessica Davis said...

Cute pics! I love, love, love the picture of Sadie walking towards the fair. It is so stinkin cute. It looks like it should be in a magazine or advertisement. I love the pic of Chloe pulling you along at Bear Lake too. She is a cutie and I loved her hat!

Fromm's said...

Your girls are so cute!! I heard you bought a house! How fun. Kayli is actually my cousin. I love their house it's so cute. Congrats

Mark & Alison said...

Hey Ashley, so because you created your blog a while ago your blog list did not have the option to show when blogs were last updated. So I added a new blog list (which is a newer version). I copied and pasted all of your friends blog addresses into the new blog list. I would double check the new blog list before deleting your older one just to make sure everything is right. Hope that helps!

Mike and Ashleigh said...

Hey- Your little family is so dang cute- I love the fair pics, and sadie's first day of pre-school. she is freaking beautiful- I miss seeing you guys- hopefully we will have our yearly christmas party!!

BRITT said...

Time for an update! I want to see birthday pictures!

Jen said...

Hey I changed my blog address to

Lori said...

Our pictures look alot alike :) Maybe because we live in the same town. Your pictures are adorable!

Fromm's said...

I didn't know how else to reach you so I have to through posting. My cousin called me a couple days ago and asked me to apologize for her about how dirty her house was if I talked to you. Since we never see eachother this was my only way. She said they were moving until after midnight and bothe her kids were crying and tired so they went home. she planned on coming back to clean the next morning, but when her husband pulled up you guys were already at the house. So she said sorry and feels terrible she didn't get to clean for you. I told her I'm sure you didn't care at all and knew how it gets trying to move with 2 kids. Hope the move went well for you.